New Site

Welcome to the new site!  My current intent is to use this space as a blog for my design-related projects — woodworking and maybe some code.  But I need to generate some content first, so stand by.

For those who may have ventured here way back in the 2000’s, you may be wondering if this is the same  It is, with a new look…again.  I thought I’d give WordPress a try.  I’ve always done everything myself, but this time I wanted to focus on the content and not have to worry so much about building a blog from scratch.  So far it’s easy, but I’m already at the edge of the simple customization and will probably eventually head down the custom CSS route to make it look how I really want.

Before then…the content!!!  (That is encouragement for me to remember what the priority is.  It’s the content.  Pretty sure!)

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